Bespoke Data Labeling and Customized NLP/CV/Speech Datasets

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News: we will be exhibiting at the world's largest and most comprehensive technical conference focused on signal processing and its applications -- IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Seoul, Korea, 14~19 April 2024! See details: Come to our booth or book a time to talk to us! Proprietary/Private Data Cleaning and Labeling Olewave offers avant-garde bespoke solutions for proprietary data labeling, normalization, and transformation. Tired of inaccurate transcriptions and frustrating APIs? Olewave offers a superior solution with: • AI-powered Accuracy: Transcribe any audio, regardless of language, dialect, accent, or topic, with exceptional accuracy. We surpass the competition in understanding even the most challenging recordings. • Detailed Insights: Gain valuable insights with word/character-level confidence scores, precise timestamps, and advanced speech analytics. • Privacy Guaranteed: Keep your data secure. Integrate our powerful data labeling tool directly into your platform, eliminating risks associated with external APIs. • Competitive Pricing: Enjoy high-quality service at accessible prices, outperforming both tech giants and human-intensive transcription solutions. Ready to experience the difference? Don't settle for mediocrity. Contact and give us a try! Customized Large-Scale Datasets Olewave delivers customized, labeled, and validated large-scale real-world NLP/CV/speech/multimodal datasets of various scenarios such as dictation and conversation in multi accents/dialects/languages, and of diverse topics such as education, finance, legal, entertainment, healthcare, retail, and customer service.

Our datasets include:

• topic-specific text datasets for training your own LLM/ChatGPT/LLaMA model.
• visual/video/image datasets with tags/prompts for training your own CV/SAM model;
• speech/audio datasets of different languages and dialects for training your own ASR/Whisper/SeamlessM4T/TTS model.
• and multimodal datasets.

We constantly collect timely data from languages including Brazilian Portuguese, Latin America Spanish, Arabic, Southeast Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.


Faster and affordable in data delivery than traditional data vendors;

More effective and efficient than traditional data vendors. 


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